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Listen to the words that people say in their lyrics. And tell me, if that’s some real shit that’s real to you. Listen to what they sayin’. Don’t just bob your head to the beat … Listen to what we’re saying and hold us accountable.

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Best Hip-Hop Of February 2014 (Monthly Sampler)


I’m a month late. But here is an 80 minute compilation of the best Hip-Hop that dropped in February. Includes brand new music from Common, Dag Savage, Ab-Soul, Eligh & The Grouch, Black Milk, Schoolboy Q and more.

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This is a sample of the best Hip-Hop from February 2014 — if you like what you hear, support the artists and buy the music

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Whoa this is actually powerful


Whoa this is actually powerful

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what good is a degree when theres no jobs to apply?

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I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for hip-hop.

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There is some misunderstanding going on about Illuminati Singers and New World Order.

Illuminati = The Enlightened Ones 

 Illuminati  - The never ending battle of good and evil. Helping you become aware or suppressing the truth.

Light - Good Illuminati, Enlightened People trying to spread the truth and help others become enlightened. 

Dark - Bad Illuminati, Enlightened People trying to use their knowledge for power and control of the people not enlightened and keep them ignorant to the truth. 

I’m glad we got that straight now we can move forward without any confusion.

You can tell when you listen to the words of the songs, The symbolism is mocking the Dark side of Illuminati that used to use the symbolism to hide their knowledge, just the fact that they do it makes people question whats going on making them become more aware.

If you would like me to add anything to this please let me know your thoughts. 

also egyptian symbolim is not always synonymous with the illuminati….sometimes its just egyptian symbolism…

the over saturation of people saying illuminati this and illuminati that is blinding motherfuckers to the reality of it all.

which is economic and mental slavery.  which again symbolism and art trying to enlighten people are the exact opposite of illuminati agenda.

if anything they would want the world to not even know they exist.

all it takes is common sense to figure this out…..but people are so easily duped and so quick to cry wolf about everything these day……. the evil people that control this world have taken the gift of people having access to so much information these days and found a way to control it by just dulling motherfuckers senses to it.

just like how everytime something tragic happen in america these days people are saying it was a false flag op or a setup of some sort….people crying wolf so much that when the real thing happens its not gonna be taken seriously.

over saturation in this sense is a new tactic and trend i have notice that is just as, if not more dangerous than the others….

the only thing worse than someone being blind is them thinking that they can see but being more blind that ever.

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Bada$$ x Badu


Bada$$ x Badu

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